Head Boots 2016 Vector EVO Mens Alpine Boot

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Hi, Ken McDonald here from Stratton Mountain Trade Show, 2015 where we’re showing all the new and hot products. I represent Headwater Sports and we’ve introduced two new shell concepts this year. First we’re going to start with a new Vector EVO product, which is really exciting. It provides a real opportunity now to do a full custom molding to the foot with a new ski boot. Both the liner and the shell are custom moldable.
Also the key thing behind the Vector EVO product is that we’ve actually changed the hinge point this year. It allows for better articulation right at the ankle area and a better fit overall. A couple of key options we’ve done overall this year is we’re now providing you with a more stable platform in the back of the boot. We’ve actually lowered the boot board and in turn giving you a more upright stance. So we’ve gone from a six degree to a four degree on the footboard as well as going from a 16 to 14 degree forward lead.
So an upright stance, a more powerful stance and you’ll also notice the color change. At the back of the boot we have a grey color here. It’s a little denser, little stiffer plastic giving you more power because this is where you generate power. Then it’s a little softer in the black area here for a better feel and better sensitivity. It’s really a better wrap and envelopment on the new Vector EVO boot this year.
We have three key price points; $499, $599, and $699 dollars and again at a 110, 120, and 130 flex. If you get a chance to ski this year try this new product, it’s really exciting. They can mold you up in 10 minutes and you’re out the door skiing.

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