2018 DYNASTAR Legend Series

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How’re you doing? This is Dennis Gaspari from Dynastar and Lange. We’re here at Stratton Mountain for the on-snow test, and I’m holding the brand new Legend X96. It’s really our flagship of the Legend collection, which spans from 75 underfoot all the way to 106.

The Legend skis feature our proprietary technology called Powerdrive. This was introduced last year on our Frontside skis. Powerdrive is where we use three materials – hard, soft, and dynamic – inside the ski to increase shearing, to better deliver a connected feel, adding suspension to the ski, increasing confidence, stability, and edge grip.

Powerdrive on the new Legend collection is a TPU – transparent polyurethane – stringer on either side in the forebody of the ski, which allows some shearing, some movement within the ski’s construction, enhancing the connected feeling – the ability for the ski to almost slink along the snow.

It enhances connectedness, as I said, stability – but it keeps the ski playful. When we’re talking about all-mountain and freeride skis, you want to maintain that fun factor, that playfulness, and still make sure you have all the performance. Definitely get out and try some of the new Legend X series from Dynastar and Lange for ‘17/’18.

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