2018 Elan Amphibio with Glen Plake

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How’s it going? I’m Glen Plake, and we’re at the Stratton trade fair, which is cool because like everybody’s here. You can go ski pretty much everything you want, any skis you want, any boots you want, test goggles, do anything. It’s really cool, great opportunity to get out on the hill.

Obviously I’m partial to certain brands. I’m holding my Elan skis in my hand right now. I love my Elans. I’ve been with the company for 10 years designing skis, skiing all around the world. One series that we have is called the Amphibio series. They’re just really, really good all-around skis. Obviously, they have race heritage because they’re pretty technical skis, dual titanium laminate.

I’m just getting all technical on you, but the fact is this is 80 underfoot. I actually ski this ski a lot. If I travel around the world, I carry another ski with me, the Ripstick 106. Then I carry a pair of 80s with me too. Pretty much wherever I go I ski on this ski actually. The bigger version of that is 84. Again, dual titanium, integral binding system. It’s a really, really technical ski, but man, they ski really, really good for you.

I say race heritage but not necessarily full-blown race performance. They’re not going to knock you over. You can be lazy on them if you want. They are Amphibios, so they have rights and lefts. It means we’ve got rockered outside edges and cambered inside edges. We can talk all about that. It’s best to just put them on your feet and feel it. That’s it man, Amphibio 80 and 84.

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