Monthly Archives: January 2018

2018 Roxa RX3 Product Highlights with Glen Plake

When we developed the Roxa RX3 – first of all, to develop a ski boot, it’s going to cost a lot of money. It’s a huge investment from a company. Just to get to one size in one model could …
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2018 Elan Ripstick with Glen Plake

A series that I’m probably most excited about is called the RipStick series. I love RipStick. We talk about technology, and usually technology means metal laminates and race plates and stuff. These skis actually are made with the lightest wood …
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Developing the 2018 Roxa RX3 with Glen Plake

How’s it going? It’s Glen Plake. We’re at the Stratton Mountain trade fair, and we’re testing new skis and new boots and everything else. This fair is really cool because we make all this new stuff and it’s everybody’s chance …
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