2018 Head Apline Ski Boots Update

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Hi, good afternoon. My name is Ken MacDonald. I work for Head/Tyrolia Winter Sports. I’m here to talk about Head ski boots today with you. I really want to cover a couple of key new concepts within the boots. Really, the most important thing about the new Head product is that majority of our product now is completely heat moldable and that both the shell and the liner working together can provide you probably with one of the most amazing fits of any ski boot in the business.

Simply how we do that, once we fit the boot to you, the consumer, what we do is we place the boot in our specialized oven and we heat it to a certain temperature. Then what we do is we take the boot and we actually put it on your foot. When it cools after 10 minutes, it is completely molded and shaped to your foot overall.

The boot I’m holding in my hand is what we call the Advant Edge. The great thing about the Advant Edge is the fact that it is heat moldable. Also, the awesome part about this boot is what we call high-top technology. What we mean by that is where a traditional boot you would unbuckle the boot and what you would find is a splitting at the lower shell. What we do with high-top, we actually extend that lower shell higher up your leg.

The advantage to having higher top technology is it provides you more progressive flex. It also positions the leg more accurately in the boot so it’s actually creating less fatigue on the body by providing you a better positioning in the boot overall. This is in all of our Advant Edge models from our 249 price point all the way up to our $649 price point. Really an awesome technology story with high-top technology and with custom shell technology.

The second concept which I want to talk about is what we call Vector Evo. The really exciting thing about Vector Evo is the fact that we’ve actually lowered the foot board and we’ve actually given you a little less forward lean. It, again, allows you to ski with these new shape technology skis today more accurately, more precisely and also a better, if you will, pressure to the shin area overall.

This is also completely heat moldable, both the liner and the shell. As we talked about before, we heat them together. We’ve also updated our buckle systems. We’ve gone away from what we called our spine tech to this new low-profile traditional buckle system making it easy for the consumer to actually enjoy buckling the boot and closing the boot more accurately overall. That’s our Vector Evo as well as our new Adapt Edge 125.

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