2018 Lange RX & RS Dual Core Alpine Boots

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This is Keith Bowen. I work with Lange, and we’re here at Stratton Mountain, Vermont. We’re introducing the new RX and RS family of boots from Lange. These are all totally brand new from top to bottom. We have new molds. We have new flexes, and we have new liners and brand new technology being introduced in shelves. The new technology is called dual core. You’ll see it on the inside of the boots. Dual core is a way to inject two different types of materials into a mold at once.

This is an example of a dual-core injection. The white material is stiff. The blue material is more pliable and softer. Originally, Lange always had what we called a mono-injected shell, and they injected it through one opening in the mold. Now there are actually five ports in the mold, one, two, three, four and five.

The end result is that we can direct harder material in areas that need support, softer materials like in the inset in the front of the cuff that need better wrapping. The end result is where they interact and you have hard material on the outside and soft on the inner. The effect is like a golf ball. A golf ball has a hard outer shell and a softer inner core. Like a golf ball, the boot has more rebound. It has more snap. It has better feel.

The end result of dual core is that the new RS and RX collection is easier to get in and out of. It wraps better, but when you take it out on the hill, the ski ability of the boot is one step ahead of where Lange has been, which is always at the top of the pack as far as performance.

To go along with dual core, we have what we call a 3D liner. The liner actually has an external shape that mirrors the internal dimension of the shell and the liner so that when you put the 3D liner into the shell, it fits the dimension in the shell perfectly. When you enter the boot you’re going to feel that there is an ankle and a heel pocket that gives you an out-of-box fit in the first 30 seconds in the boot. You’re going to feel right at home in the boot.

Dual core will come in all RS and all RX boots. You’re going to have options both in RX and RS in a 130 flex, a 120 flex and a 100 flex. You can get multiple widths in these. We have a new 97 last and a new 100 last.

The 97 has a little bit more performance than the original Lange high-performance last. The 100 last has a little bit more comfort, a little bit higher instep and is a little bit easier to get it in and out of. You’re going to find more comfort in the 100, more performance in the 97. You have those options all the way through the RX family.

RS, which is our high-performance, hard snow technical boot, you have options also 130, 120 and 100. You have a choose-your-width option in 130 and 120, 190 in what we call a short cuff, which is for a shorter individual, woman, junior racer, any of the above. Anyway, we’re here introducing our new RX and RS dual-core boots from Lange. Check them out in the store. Thanks.

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