2017-2018 Rossignol Boot Line-up quick breakdown.

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Hey, Will Mason here at Stratton, Vermont, 2017. You might notice I’m wearing my new big truck hat today – very excited about that. Here, we’ve got the Rossignol boot line. On the right hand side, my right, we’ve got the Alltrack collection. The Alltrack collection has the walk mode, which makes it easier to unlock the cuff. The cuff flexes back and forth if you want to hike in the boots, or just walking around the lodge.

On the right hand side, you’ve got our Allspeed and Pure – Allspeed for men, Pure for women – and this has a locked cuff. All these boots are adjustable in flex, adjustable in liners, and adjustable in stance. You have complete adjustability on the Allspeed and Pure, and over here in the Alltrack boots, you’ve got maneuverability with a cuff that unlocks and allows you to be more of a freeride skier.

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