2018 Rossignol Pure Pro Heat Alpine Boot

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Hi, this is Will Mason. Welcome back here at Stratton, Vermont, and the 2017 demo day. I’m here with the new Rossignol Pure Pro Heat. This is a 100-millimeter lasted boot – so kind of average for width – and a 90 flex. Pretty much average for a women’s flex boot.

The cool thing about this boot is that it has a heated system built right into the boot. On the outside of the boot, you’ll see this little mechanism here that turns the heat up and brings the heat down. There are three heat settings, so you can heat this for three hours, five hours, or a full day of seven hours of heat. Then when it’s time to recharge, turn the boot right around. There’s a little mechanism right here that attaches to a USB port. You can recharge the boot overnight – it’s ready to go in the morning.

One of the things that’s different about this boot is that the heating element is actually built right into the boot. The batteries are in the liner, right in the back of the boot, and then the heating element sits over the top of the toes. In most of the heating aftermarket systems, the heating element sits underneath the toes. In this boot, it sits right in the liner on top, and then the heat radiates down to your toes. Kind of a different take on a heated system, but a beautiful boot and [01:18][cuts off]

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