2018 Roxa RX3 Product Highlights with Glen Plake

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When we developed the Roxa RX3 – first of all, to develop a ski boot, it’s going to cost a lot of money. It’s a huge investment from a company. Just to get to one size in one model could be almost $1 million. Then beyond that, just to cut each mold for each size is between $50 and $80 thousand – for each size. Think about that for a second.

People are not necessarily in a big hurry to start cutting new molds in the ski boot business. I think that’s why we haven’t had much development in the ski boot business, too. I go crazy because people watch ski films and see me ski in a boot like this and kind of go, “I want to ski like that.” Yet when we go to the ski shop, they want 150 flex and zero boot angles and lifters and giant things and doing this.

I’m really good friends with a lot of the World Cup racers, and when they come visit me and [01:03][phonetic] Chemeny, the first thing they do is, “Dude, you got any boots we can ski in laying around? I mean, all I’ve got with me are my race boots, and they’re going to suck to go skiing in.” [01:09][laughs]

It’s kind of funny how we base what a ski boot is on…. Yeah, I’m really proud of this, I can say. We designed this boot from the get-go to inject it in light plastic – using a fancy term, it’s a plastic called [01:24][phonetic] grillamene. I don’t know. It’s time to innovate some ski boots. I hope this kicks the door open, and I hope some other people realize that some of the stuff they’re making is kind of antiquated, actually. I mean, ski boots are heavy. They’re hard to use. They don’t walk well. They do this, they do that. I mean, it’s just funny. They really have changed at all in 30 years. This boot is brand new. I hope you enjoy it. You’re going to ski just like me. All you’ve got to do is put it on your foot. [01:52][laughs]

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