About Us

Since 1995, Mountainside Ski Service has devoted itself to be the best full service alpine ski shop it can be. Conveniently located in Sugarbush Village at the base of Lincoln Peak at Sugarbush Ski Resort in Warren, Vermont, we have specialized in the sales, service, tuning and repair of alpine ski equipment.

We’re not your average alpine ski shop. We don’t have dedicated sales staff because we want our staff to be trained experts as well as being passionate about skiing. We encourage our staff to be trained and certified so they can help our customers make the right choices and be fully satisfied with their experience in the shop and on the slopes!

At Mountainside Ski Service we know people can get jazzed up by all the marketing hype and become misguided down the path towards the wrong gear, not because it’s bad but, because it simply might not work with their body and skiing style. We take each customer through a process of discovery to find what’s right for that individual. You might love the look of a certain ski or boot but, it might just make you miserable because it doesn’t fit you and your individual needs.

Your comfort and happiness on the slopes is paramount to us, without it we’re just not satisfied. We love skiing! Join Us.


We offer:

  • Custom Boot Fitting,
  • Footbeds
  • Demos
  • Rental Skis and Accessories.
  • Tuning and Sharpening
  • Children’s seasonal rentals