Head Supershape e-Rally 21/22 w/PRD 12 Binding DEMO




The 2021 Head Supershape e-Rally loves to be on edge. These things are front-side carvers with a sports car mentality. More than that, they even have some race car technology built in. New for 2021, is the updated energy management system, the EMC circuit. This replaces the KERS system that kept out unwanted vibrations over the past few seasons. Mainly found in Formula 1 race cars, this system stores kinetic energy during the carve and releases it on the back end of the turn, minimizing bad vibrations and keeping the skis on the straight and narrow. It’s a cool system for maintaining the proper line and turn shape, and it works, so for skiers who like a bit of tech in their gear, this is a great place to start. At 78 mm underfoot, the skis are on the narrow side, but the wide shovel and tail make it ski with more stability and confidence. While they’re more focused on front-side carving, the e-Rally does have a bit of versatility for softer snow, but mainly when that snow comes in a flatter format.

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