Elan Delight Prime 2020





The Delight Prime proves performance doesn’t always come from added weight and bulk. It comes from design aimed at effortless, controlled, confident skiing, which means less fatigue, more skiing and more fun.

An impressive engineering feat, the Delight Prime is the lightest women’s ski in the world. As a tool on the mountain, it is light but uncharacteristically strong thanks to a Laminated Woodcore. The incredible minimal weight comes from the unique SlimShape technology to optimize the transfer of energy from the skier to the ski for a balanced performance with powerful rebound, easy turning and enhanced edge grip. As a byproduct of the efficient ski design, energy is saved throughout the day to ski all day without fatigue and is easy to transport from the car to the lifts and one ski destination to the next. With the Delight Prime you are skiing smarter, lighter and stronger.

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