Elan Delight Supreme 2019 DEMO w/Binding




The Delight Supreme model perfectly combines low weight and top performance. The low weight of these skis allows you to conserve energy and keep you on the hill until the end of the day. SlimShape technology contributes to the low weight, which is the reason for the excellent grip of the edges, while the carbon reinforcement guarantees stability even when driving fast.


  • Skill level: advanced to expert
  • Speed: medium
  • Construction: Early Rise Rocker
  • Core: TubeLite wooden core


SlimShape technology

SlimShape technology significantly reduces weight and at the same time guarantees the durability and flexibility of the skis. Optimum flexibility improves energy transfer from skier to skis, ensuring reliable control of the skis in curves.

Early Rise Rocker’s profile

The Early Rise Rocker profile allows for smooth arcs thanks to the mild rocker profile at the toe and heel.

DST Sidewall design

The Dual Sidewall combines vertical sidewalls with a Cap construction and a partial side edge on the outer edge of the ski, which ensures a smooth pass through the curve.

Tubelite Wood Core

The TubeLite core uses two lightweight carbon tubes that are embedded in a laminated wooden core. The result is easy-to-use and stable skis.

Laminate reinforcement

Laminate reinforcement optimizes the flexibility of the skis and reduces their weight.

Power Shift system

Power Shift is a binding system with a flexible plate-in-plate construction, which contributes to maximum flexibility. The binding has a thin profile made of light composite materials, thanks to which it dampens vibrations perfectly.

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